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Randy Redroad

perfect_beings “fictions” (Official Music Video)

Directed by Randy Redroad
With Haroula Rose, Matthew Pollino
and Grayson Echeverry
Cinematography by Gilbert Salas
VFX by Laura Shapiro
Color by Jake Brumfeld/Jaki Covington

(Source: youtube.com)

The Strutting Elk was my songwriting trio for about a year.

We don’t write songs together anymore. I wish we did.

Here’s a sad one.  More to come.


Words Redroad/Sellards
Music Redroad/Sellards/Schlenger

Definitely maybe
You won’t miss me
This time

Maybe if you held me tight
You’d ease my worried mind

We’ve worn a thousand faces
We’ve been a thousand rounds
Maybe when you’re passing by
You’ll feel my contact high

Children asking
Where is daddy?
Lawyers talking
House on the market
I’m not ready

Absolutely sometimes
Illusions are sublime
Maybe if you cared enough
You’d let me speak my mind

You’ve got another lover
I’ve got a bad disguise
Maybe in your dreams tonight
You’ll feel my contact high

Tried to 
Reach you
I got so nervous
She sounds lovely
I don’t deserve this

Best friend, lover
Your baby’s mother
Don’t forsake me
Let’s stay married

Definitely maybe
You will miss me 

Plastic hearts and real cartoons

Affection with a sonic boom

Read about a man who levitates

It’ll all end someday

Fresh air in a police state

Caught me with the most at stake

Heard somewhere that you were me

I really wanna believe

Can I really believe?

Reach out your hand

I hope, I hope

Antenna Man

Could you be the cure for it?

Impersonate a perfect fit?

From above by morning light

I wish upon a satellite

Desperate for a place to go

Where grass is green

And death, a hoax

Heard somewhere that you might be

Tired of waiting for me


Don’t get up. Wake up…

The sound is just a Ghost

Dealing love a crushing blow

Don’t be lonely, see you in my dreams

They streak across the sky

Stars bursting as I cry

Like a little girl

Who’s color drained from the world

A canyon’s frozen glow

Water falls and motion slows

Like a lover’s skin

Holding a best friend

I lost you out in space

But loneliness won’t take your place

From a warring heart

Peace to a dark star


I’m calling out to you….


Once upon a mistake.


A shy smile wrestles on your face

I can’t replace

I can’t replace 

A bright star glimmers in your eyes

You are my life

You are my life


Your Angels


Your Angels



Your Angels 


A dark star shimmers in your eyes

I don’t know why

I don’t know why

A strange smile comes across your face

I can’t erase

I can’t erase

I heard Heaven call your name

I can’t explain

I can’t explain


Your Angels


Your Angels



Your Angels